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To Those Who Think They Can Hide a Silly Status on Facebook by Not Syndicating It to Live

A “Multi-Tenant Cloud” is a pure pleonasm. Any “Cloud” is “Multi-Tenant” by its definition.

And there's nothing in, say, Windows 2000 that could prevent you from serving multiple customers from a single instance of whatever or a single infrastructure. (Except maybe the licensing). So it's complete bullshit to say that with Windows 8 you can do something completely not possible before in terms of a “Cloud” or “Multi-Tenancy”. Yeah, there's a whole bunch of pretty interesting new concepts. But they are targeted to some specific scenarios, not changing the paradigm.


non-windows 8 clouds

aren't fappable now. The only one purpose any cloud could serve is fap. You don't even have to deploy anything useful into your cloud or even do anything there. ) In this case “Multi-Tenant Cloud”  is much more preferred term than "just Cloud" )
Kisa в 18.09.2011 20:53

It's our answer to Chamberlain

"Le Cloud" is most fappable thing I've seen!!! Don't hamper me to fap on the cloud!!! So, and thanks for the clarification of terminology :)
CloudFapper в 20.09.2011 15:05

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